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Ukulele Play Along with Tyler Lombard - Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight

This is a great playalong video whether you're new to ukulele or an old pro. The 4 chord progression is made of 4 of the easiest chords to form on any ukulele. While it's played here with a baritone ukulele, it sounds great to play along with any size, including soprano, concert and tenor.

Tyler Lombard is an east coast singer and songwriter, now based in Toronto, who has written music for TV, film, and popular musicians like DJ Khaled. He also happens to the cousin of one of the founders of Honolua Ukuleles and we are so happy he shared his talents with us!

Eagle Eye Cherry is a Swedish musician who released his one-hit-wonder single Save Tonight in 1997. A great song choice for anyone that, like me, is making their way through the "60 Songs That Explain the '90s" podcast right now.

Chords Used - Am F C G

Played on Honolua Ukuleles Kohala Deluxe Baritone:

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