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Honu Limited Edition Ebony Soprano Ukulele

Size chart
Sizing Information

Soprano -Soprano is the smallest of the four ukulele body sizes and is the traditional ukulele size.  The Honu Soprano is perfect for kids learning ukulele or for adults who prefer the brighter tone of a traditional ukulele.

Concert -Concert ukuleles are currently the most popular ukulele body size worldwide.  Bigger than a soprano but smaller than a tenor, a concert uke is the perfect middle ground for most players.  This size is suitable for all ages, though small children may be better suited to a soprano.

Tenor -Tenor ukuleles are exploding in popularity thanks to the full, deep sound produced by their larger body size.  Bigger than the concert, the tenor is great for teenagers and adults that are looking for the most volume from their ukulele and extra space for their fingers on the fretboard.

Baritone -As the name suggests, a baritone ukulele is the largest and deepest sounding of all of the ukulele sizes.  Usually tuned like the highest four strings of a guitar (DGBE), rather than the GCEA tuning found on most ukes, a baritone is great if you have a background in guitar because you won't have to learn any new chord shapes.  They are also very fun if you are a ukulele player looking to experiment with a different tone.

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Limited Edition models are our way of expanding our ukulele lineup.  Limited models are built with the specs of one of our three regular models (HonuManoKohala Deluxe) serving as the foundation, but we substitute a key ingredient to create a completely different tone or look.  Limited models are just that, limited.  Each one is produced in very limited quantities, and as they sell out they will be replaced by new limited models throughout the year.

Perfect for anyone wanting to dip their toe into the ukulele water, our Honu series was designed to provide as much instrument as we could at an entry level price.  The laminate ebony we chose for this Limited Edition boasts bold, unique wood grains and a crisp, snappy tone, but retains the durability against humidity and temperature that our Honu series is famous for.  As with all Honolua Ukuleles, it includes premium features designed to produce the best tone possible at an affordable price, including bone nut and saddle for better clarity and sustain, open back machine heads for tuning precision and eco-friendly wood selections.

The Highlights
  • Striped ebony top, back and sides
  • Open gear tuners for accurate tuning
  • Bone nut and saddle for increased resonance
  • Aquila strings
  • Bridge pins for easy string changes
  • 5 mm padded gig bag included
  • Includes free digital download for our ebook "Ukulele: A Quick Start Guide" PLUS free registration to "Ukulele Bootcamp" video lesson online course
  • Tree planted for every ukulele sold
Full Specs
  • Body Shape - Soprano
  • Top Wood - Striped Ebony
  • Body Wood - Striped Ebony
  • Neck - Mahogany
  • Nut Width - 1.375"
  • Fretboard and Bridge - Black Walnut
  • Rosette - Double Ring White ABS
  • Nut and Saddle - Bone
  • Tuning Heads - Chrome Open Gear
  • Tuning Buttons - Black
  • Fretboard Inlays - White
  • Bridge Pins - White w/ Black Dots
  • Gig Bag - 5 mm Padded Included

Video Demo

Model - Honu Limited Edition

Honu Series

Our Limited Edition Ebony Honu Series is perfect for the beginner ukulele player. The all-laminate ebony construction provides a snappy, crisp tone and the laminate construction means it is durable and less susceptible to humidity changes.  While the appointments are simple, the bold, unique patterns on each piece of ebony are anything but.

For more information on our models and the differences between them, check out our Buyer's Guide section on models here.

Size - Soprano

The soprano ukulele is the traditional body size for a ukulele.  At 21" long, it is the smallest body of the bunch and provides a bright, punchy tone.  Once the most popular option, the soprano is now the most popular choice for kids, or for grown-ups who want the most portable instrument.

For help choosing the right size, click "Size Me Up" beside the price above, or check out our Buyer's Guide section on sizing here.


Hawaiian inspired and carefully designed

We are very proud that every one of our ukuleles includes an impressive list of included features:

Step 2: Choose a model

We are very proud that every one of our ukuleles includes an impressive list of included features:

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Premium Tonewoods

Carefully selected woods provide a warm, full tone

background Layer 1

Bone Nut & Saddle

A bone nut and saddle, rather than plastic, provides more volume, tone and clarity

background Layer 1

Precise Tuners

High quality, open-back tuners give you more time to play and less time tuning

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Easy Restring Bridge

Ukulele restrings are a breeze thanks to our easy restring bridge

background Layer 1

Gig Bags Included

All ukuleles include a padded gig bag for safe, easy transport and storage

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Free Ukulele Ebook

Learn to play songs you know and love in no time with the included ebook and access to a free online video lesson course

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Excellent ukulele

I’m very pleased with this ukulele. It is not only a beautiful looking instrument and very well made but it’s sound is outstanding for a ukulele in this price range. The tone, resonance, and sustain are comparable to ukuleles that are in the upper price range. I’m a long time ukulele player and collector and have no reservations in recommending this ukulele. It is good enough for professional use. You will not get better at this price but you better hurry since this is a limited edition.

Ania Przepierzynska
Love at first sight 💖

I love my Concert Honolua Ukulele,
Not sure if one could call an instrument “Adorable“ … but to me it is!
My teacher really likes its sound.
It’s beautifully made with noticeable finishing details.
The ebony wood is of a rich reddish-brown tone.

I like the fact that Honolua Ukulele is a
Canadian family business and that they contribute to “One Tree Planted” for every Ukulele sold.


First ukulele I’ve owned but I’m very impressed with the craftsmanship of this instrument. Very happy with the purchase

First Ukulele

With this being my 1st Ukulele as you can imagine shopping, specifically online shopping was overwhelming. I came across the website for Honolua Ukuleles and the Honu Limited Edition Ebony Tenor caught my eye. Once I found out they were a Canadian company I was sold. As new player I can say I am pleased with the instrument and the easy of play. I look forward to furthering my skill with the Uke and potentially buying another Uke from Honolua Ukuleles down the road.

Highly recommend

My son started on a toy one from Amazon the sound is like night and day between the two this is not a toy it's a high quality instrument with beautiful wood grain couldn't be happier with this uke