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Ukulele Play Along - John Prine - Please Don't Bury Me

Hi! I'm Dave, founder of Honolua Ukuleles. Welcome to the first edition of "This is the song that was stuck in my head this week so here's a ukulele play along version". Hope you embrace the randomness of my personal musical tastes and play along with me!

John Prine has been my favourite songwriter for as long as I can remember.  My dad was a fan, so there was that period where it wasn't cool to like what my dad liked, but even then, his songs are just undeniable.  An absolute master of the art of cutting to the root with simple lyrics.  Taken too early, his mix of humour and humanity will be missed but at least he has left behind an amazing catalogue that we can all visit again and again.

In true John Prine fashion, Please Don't Bury Me tackles the heaviest of themes in a hilarious way.  It's simple to play, with only 3 chords, and sounds great with a baritone ukulele like the one I used in this video or in traditional ukulele tuning found on tenor, concert and soprano ukes.

Chords Used - C G F

Played on Honolua Ukuleles Honu Baritone with capo on fret 4