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Ukulele Play Along with Kate Stevens - Daniel Caesar ft. HER - Best Part

For this week's play along, our friend Kate Stevens checks in to melt our faces with the best ukulele play along vocals you'll find anywhere. She's followed my lead, these are the songs that get stuck in here head. This week in Kate's head - Best Part by Daniel Caesar and (one of my personal faves) HER.

Don't be scared by the chord names, if you have a baritone ukulele, this one is quite simple. A bit more of a challenge playing the chord shapes on a soprano, concert or tenor, but still a great finger dexterity exercise.

Chords Used - A Em Dmaj7 F6

Played on Honolua Ukuleles Kohala Deluxe Baritone (available soon) with capo on fret 5

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