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Kohala Deluxe Solid Top Baritone Ukulele B-STOCK

Tableau des tailles
Informations sur les tailles

Soprano - Soprano est la plus petite des quatre tailles de corps de ukulélé et est la taille de ukulélé traditionnelle. Le Honu Soprano est parfait pour les enfants qui apprennent le ukulélé ou pour les adultes qui préfèrent le ton plus brillant d'un ukulélé traditionnel.

Concert - Les ukulélés de concert sont actuellement la taille de corps de ukulélé la plus populaire dans le monde. Plus grand qu'un soprano mais plus petit qu'un ténor, un uke de concert est le parfait compromis pour la plupart des musiciens. Cette taille convient à tous les âges, bien que les petits enfants puissent être mieux adaptés à une soprano.

Ténor - Les ukulélés ténor explosent en popularité grâce au son plein et profond produit par leur plus grande taille. Plus grand que le concert, le ténor est idéal pour les adolescents et les adultes qui recherchent le plus de volume de leur ukulélé et un espace supplémentaire pour leurs doigts sur le manche.

Baryton - Comme son nom l'indique, un ukulélé baryton est le son le plus grand et le plus profond de toutes les tailles de ukulélé. Habituellement accordé comme les quatre cordes les plus hautes d'une guitare (DGBE), plutôt que l'accordage GCEA que l'on trouve sur la plupart des uke, un baryton est idéal si vous avez une formation en guitare car vous n'aurez pas à apprendre de nouvelles formes d'accords. Ils sont également très amusants si vous êtes un joueur de ukulélé qui cherche à expérimenter un ton différent.

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This ukulele is B-Stock and has cosmetic or functional flaws.

Of note:

  • Top seam separation (pictured)

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    Free Ukulele Ebook

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Vanessa B.
    Lovely instrument

    As a beginner player, I'm not familiar with the nuances of ukulele construction, but I thought it was a great deal to buy a B-stock Kohala as my first uke. I made the right call! It's a beautiful instrument and it sounds lovely. Every time I pick it up to practice it feels comfortable and easy. The split seam is so slight that it's barely noticeable.

    I also had no idea what a baritone ukulele was until I took the Meet your Match Quiz. When the quiz recommended the baritone size becaues it was most similar to a guitar, I was delighted (I have previous experience playing guitar). My purchasing decision became so easy thanks to the quiz.

    Dave is also a great business owner. He answered my email questions promptly and when I told him I was left-handed, he restrung the ukulele and added a strap pin on the right side before he shipped it.

    Overall, I'm happy with my purchase and happy that I was able to support a Canadian business.


    The sound quality and resinence is so impressive. My mind is absolutely blown away just how good quality and craftsmanship went into this ukulele.


    I ordered b stock. The pictures they used to show the small crack were very detailed and accurate. I can barely see the crack and it does not effect the sound at all. It sounds beautiful ❤️❤️❤️. I love my ukulele from them. Only took 3 days for it to come. Very impressed with the company and website. I had a question and they answered it within a few hours. Great customer service. Made me feel like I'm part of a family almost. Highly recommend shopping there. If the b stock ukulele sounds this good I can only imagine how wonderful the pristine ones sound. 2 👍👍

    Gord Azzoparde
    Daughter's Honu Concert Acoustic Electric Review

    It is safe to say that our Honu Concert Size Acoustic Electric Ukulele was a great purchase! As our daughter's review suggests, this is a great instrument with lots to like! Also, the customer service that Dave gave me was above and beyond the expectation. He was able to suggest the perfect size for our 9 year old. Very honest, knowledgeable answers to my many questions. We are extremely happy with this Honolua ukulele and its quality!

    My first

    I was surprised just how much I fell in love with my Honolua Ukulele! I am learning to play...but Wow what a wonderful warm sound. Solid construction and balance. You will LOVE the adventure. Give it a try. You will not be disappointed!